FSM Project

Forks Specialty Metals Inc. (FSM) is a private, Pennsylvania based company focused on recovering the precious metals and copper from electronic waste (e-waste).

FSM’s first precious metals recycling center will be located in Easton, Pennsylvania and will utilize two electric smelters owned by the company.  A majority of the equipment required for smelting e-scrap material is already installed and owned by FSM.

FSM will be one of the first U.S. based smelters processing e-waste, filling a significant void in the recycling supply chain.  E-scrap is a highly valuable and concentrated source of gold and other precious metals, especially when compared to primary ore mines.

At its facility in Easton, PA, FSM smelted 400lbs of e-scrap over two days using its 300kw test furnace.  The test program was conducted to show expected recoveries of Cu and precious metals.  FSM achieved +98% recovery of Au & Cu.  The pilot scale test program proves the technical viability (detailed reports on the test program and results are available).

Liquid metal tap from melt test at FSM smelting facility

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