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Carbon Neutral Steel

Pure Fonte Ltée (PFL) has a plant design, in partnership with a global leader in the steel and ironmaking technologies, to produce 425,000 annually of a high purity cast iron. In conjunction with this technology partner, PFL has found a solution that will allow us to maintain our current plant design with a few improvements, shifting instead to the production of a high-grade military grade steel ingot, or a green stainless steel. Through removing natural gas as a reductant in the process, an instead using hydrogen generated on site from a Canadian technology, PFL will be able to create a true green steel, where the only by product will be water.

Fluvial Sands Project

North Atlantic Iron Corporation (NAIC) has developed a mineral sands body to deliver a package of natural resources that presents in a rare combination. The low-cost minerals of economic value to mine and separate with access to a nearby seaport, all adjacent to a hydroelectricity dam, make this project a gift from nature. Alongside NAIC’s Innu Nation partner, the goal is to use a mine-to-port-to-plant solution that has zero emissions. This solution will implement electric trucks/shovels and a 25km slurry line for transporting the minerals to a production plant adjacent to a seaport.

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